EFARO-rapport: A vision on the future of European Aquaculture

EFARO rapport Shutterstock"A vision on the future of European Aquaculture - Where will European aquaculture be in 2030, 2050 and beyond, outlining the main drivers and game changers" är titeln på en ny rapport från EFARO (The European Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Organisations).

EFARO är en sammanslutning av EUs ledande forskningsorganisationer inom fiske och akvakultur. Arbetsgruppen inom EFARO som har skrivit denna rapport representerar forskningsorganisationer med fokus på tillämpad forskning, däribland SLU. Rapporten presenterar, utöver visionen, de drivkrafter och faktorer som anses vara av avgörande betydelse för att nå de uppsatta målen. 

Läs hela rapporten här.

Nedan följer ett utdrag från förordet till rapporten:

"In order to deal with the diversity of questions in a growing aquaculture sector, EFARO established an

Aquaculture Working Group. The Working Group represents the European Fisheries and Aquaculture

Research Organisations with a focus on applied research. It thereby represents an important bridge

between knowledge of more basic science and its application within the industry. The thoughts

forwarded in this paper represent a longer time horizon than normally used in industry investments,

but with a clear focus on innovations, issues to be addressed and game changers.

The Working Group recognized the importance of linking

relevant organizations through a dedicated network in

order to make available scientific research to support policy

makers. A first step in this process was to reinforce an

interactive dialogue with EATIP, the European Aquaculture

Technology and Innovation Platform, on e.g. environmental

issues, future food and industry development and the role of

aquaculture in building a circular economy.

The second step was the initiation and formulation of this

strategy and position document you have in your hands

now. This document presents a science based view of

aquaculture’s future, not limited to today’s economic

situation and legislation. It seeks to function as start of a

much needed discussion on the scientifically based input

to policy makers and industry in the field of aquaculture


The members of the Working Group unanimously agree

that the future success of European aquaculture depends

on its ability to continue the process of knowledge based

development. A close collaboration between organisations

as EFARO and EATIP is a prerequisite in such process. The

intent is therefore to help manage the scientific advisory

processes throughout Europe by integrating science and

industry and work together with stakeholders and policy

makers in identifying and prioritising areas where research

co-operation would be most effective and beneficial."

Läs hela rapporten här.


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